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Cashmere Maintenance

  • Inner wear: The lining of the outer garment matched with the cashmere sweater should be smooth to prevent pilling caused by friction with the fabric, and try to keep the clothes clean.

  • External wear: Minimize the friction with hard objects to reduce pilling, and avoid pulling hard hooks forcibly to avoid slippage and holes. Wearing time should not be too long, about 5 days is appropriate to restore elasticity.

  • Drying: When the weather is fine, dry it in a ventilated place for half an hour, do not expose it to the sun, once a week, keep it clean and dry.

  • Washing: Dry cleaning is recommended. Dry cleaning is waterless washing and organic solvents are used as detergents. The dry-cleaned cashmere sweaters will not be deformed or faded, and will not damage the fibers.

Cashmere Washing

Cashmere Washing

Washing: Turn the knitted garments inside out. Soak it in a foaming neutral lotion (shower gel, shampoo or cashmere detergent) at room temperature (about 10 minutes). Gently pat and knead with your hands, do not knead, so as not to cause pilling.

Ironing: The clothes are arranged and laid flat, put on a wet towel, and ironed with an iron at 120'℃-140℃. The iron must not be in direct contact with knitted clothing.

Not suitable; knitted garments with multi-color clip strips should not be soaked, and knitted garments of different colors should not be washed together to avoid cross-color. (Dry cleaning is recommended for heavily soiled wool clothing).

Advice: Use room temperature water to wash two or three times, and put some vinegar or softener in the final clean water. Feel better.

The washed woolen garments are lightly pressed by hand, squeezed out the water or put in a laundry bag, and then dried in a washing machine.

After washing knitted garments with the above methods: no shrinkage, no deformation, no fading

Storage: It must be washed and dried before storage, which can reduce mold and insect infestation.

When storing knitted clothing, fold it and place it in a bag, not to hang it, so as to avoid drape and deformation, and avoid mixing it with other items in the same bag.

Shade to prevent fading, turn over the sun at intervals, and avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to damage the fibers. It is best to place desiccant and mothproof sheets in the collection bag (but not in direct contact with knitted clothing).


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